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Have you ever heard statistics about accidents around the home? A Secure Life lists falls as number one. My house is located in Crowley Lake, CA. Every year we have friends and family over to celebrate Independence Day. In 2018 one of my uncles tripped on a lower step, but luckily he wasn't hurt badly. READ MORE >>

 California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones sponsored SB 894, AB 1772, AB 1800, AB 1875 and AB 2594. Governor Jerry Brown has signed these bills, and some take effect immediately. For the provisions of the bills to be effective, the loss must be from a declared disaster. READ MORE >>

It's the time of year again to make the final preparations for winter. Angelo's Stove & Chimney scheduled and cleaned my home's chimney last week. Have you ever seen a chimney fire? Take one look and you'll want to do anything possible to prevent it. READ MORE >>

From my perspective working in property insurance, this is a flood, and many homeowners and businesses may be without insurance. However Dave Jones (California Insurance Commissioner) has given formal notice to insurance companies of their duty to pay for "efficient proximate cause." What does this mean? READ MORE >>

Carbon Monoxide poisoning occurs most often during the winter months. This is because during the cold months we frequently use furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and gas fireplaces. Some precautions you can take to avoid carbon monoxide poising are to have fuel-burning appliances inspected for le... READ MORE >>

Most of us are far removed from the devastation that took place in Huston a couple weeks ago. However many of us have family or friends who live in the greater Huston Area.  Though we don’t have that caliber of torrential downfall or Hurricanes here in the Sierra, it is important to remember how devastating floods can be. READ MORE >>

    Q: I have been asked more than once will my Insurance Company pay to remove a tree that may fall on my house.  A: No- the reason being is that a tree that needs to be removed is viewed as ordinary maintenance or pride of ownership. READ MORE >>

Unfortunately we have had a couple of incidents in Mono County over the last week, involving hot ashes catching structures on fire.  To dispose properly of ashes, I use a metal can that I purchased at Home Lumber Company in Bishop. Every 7-10 days our wood stove needs to be cleaned out. READ MORE >>

Christmas Tree Fires account for approximatly 16 fatalities and over 16 millon dollars of property damage.  READ MORE >>

Some things to consider as temperatures drop into freezing conditions: A recent study by Travelers Insurance found that: "water damage claims are 10 times more likely than fire damage". The most common sources of interior claims tend to be related to freezing and cracking of ice maker lines, washing machine hoses, and toilet flex-lines. READ MORE >>

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