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California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones Sponsored SB 894, AB 1772, AB 1800, AB 1875, and AB. 2594. Governor Jerry Brown has Signed these Bills- some take effect immediately. For the provisions of the bills to be effective the loss must be from a Declared Disaster. READ MORE >>

It's that time of year again as we are making the finial preparations for winter. Angelo's Stove & Chimney scheduled and cleaned my homes chimney last week. Check out youtube for some impressive Chimney Fire Video's and you can see how dangerous a dirty stove and chimney can be. READ MORE >>

From a property insurance perspective my reaction was this is a flood and many Homeowners and Business maybe without insurance. However Dave Jones California Insurance Commissioner has given Formal notice to Insurance Companies of their duty to pay for "efficient proximate cause". READ MORE >>

Carbon Monoxide poisoning occurs most often during the winter months. This is because during the cold months we frequently use furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and gas fireplaces. Some precautions you can take to avoid carbon monoxide poising are to have fuel-burning appliances inspected for le... READ MORE >>

Most of us are far removed from the devastation that took place in Huston a couple weeks ago. However many of us have family or friends who live in the greater Huston Area.  Though we don’t have that caliber of torrential downfall or Hurricanes here in the Sierra, it is important to remember how devastating floods can be. READ MORE >>

  Attention business owners! The Worker’s Compensation Rating Bureau authorized the submission of an Advisory Pure Premium Rate Filing to the California Insurance Commissioner. What the WCIRB is attempting to do is raise the workers comp pure premium in California. READ MORE >>

The snakes are out of hibernation, so try to be cautious on your adventures especially near the valley floor. I just came across a rattlesnake in Chipmunk Canyon last week. It was a big one, about 4 feet long. I watched him from a distance for a few minutes, and then went on my way. READ MORE >>

It was one of the largest snow years on record. We know based on our knowledge of the area that deer won’t be able to migrate through the snow covered passes this year. There will likely be an influx of animals near our road systems, and our odds of a run in will increase drastically. READ MORE >>

As part of living in the Eastern Sierra, we can expect heat waves during these summer months. To avoid costly workers compensation insurance claims, please consider Heat-Related Illnesses and our tips for beating the summer heat. Symptoms of Heat-Related Illness can be broken down into two groups: Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke. READ MORE >>

This information was shared with be by ICAT In looking at the graph below I'm pretty sure my home is right on top of an Earthquake fault. If you have earthquake insurance like me great if not you may want to consider it. READ MORE >>

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